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Public health

Shift to Modified Gate 1

As we reported to parents and family members yesterday, recent increases in positive COVID-19 tests on campus necessitated a return to a modified Gate 1 scenario, with reevaluation on Monday, April 19.

While we realize that this shift is disappointing, these cautionary measures are our best effort at being able to continue in-person instruction for the duration of the semester and, we hope, will contribute to the potential for us to be able to hold an in-person commencement ceremony for the Class of 2021.

In speaking with your students about these hopefully temporary changes, it would be helpful to think of them as what the University is doing for the students as opposed to restrictions imposed as punishment. We are fully aware and grateful to all the students who have faithfully adhered to the Commitment to Community Health that each of them signed.

It’s also important to remember that the spread of COVID-19 occurs when we think we have done so well that we no longer need to maintain vigilance. The variants we face move more quickly than the vaccination process. We remain grateful for your support in encouraging your students to hang in there and in tapping any resources they may need.

For additional context and information, you can read today’s Colgate Together Digest.

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution at the Hall of Presidents Tuesday and Thursday of this week was canceled, in response to federal and state health agencies calling for a pause in the use of the single-dose coronavirus vaccine yesterday due to concerns of a very rare side effect that could cause blood clots. Students were informed that Student Health Services (SHS) would be in touch with any student who received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine on campus as additional information becomes available. Those who received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine elsewhere can notify SHS ( if they wish to be included in any future email communications specific to the J&J doses.

Students who have already received one dose of the Moderna vaccine on campus and are scheduled for a second dose on campus in the weeks ahead have been instructed to plan on receiving their second dose as scheduled. Individuals in isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test or in quarantine must wait until the conclusion of their quarantine or isolation period prior to receiving a second dose.


Friendly Reminder: No Visitor Policy Includes Hamilton

As indicated in the Travel and Guests section of the Commitment to Community Health that students signed, we continue to discourage students from having guests come to the area to minimize risk of introduction of the virus into the Hamilton and campus communities. Parent or family visitors are only permitted on campus for the delivery of essential items, or to pick up students for approved essential purposes (isolation, medical needs, etc.) and must receive approval prior to arriving on campus. All who need to come to Hamilton must complete the Parent/Family Visitor Registration Form and await approval before making the trip. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email

We are regularly reminding all approved visitors to campus, including those on admission tours, that they are not allowed to enter buildings.

Icons for face coverings, hand washing, commitment, distancing, and cleaning

Updates From Campus

As members of the global community, we are living in a time of crisis and change, and we are all affected in some way. As members of the Colgate University community, we have stories to share to help ourselves and future generations understand these historic moments, even as we look to the past to understand how the University has weathered other crises. The Colgate University Archives is inviting students to share experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic in a form that is meaningful to them, so that their stories can be preserved.



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Citizen James

April 8–21, 2021
The ALANA Cultural Center and the Department of Theater are hosting a filmed theatrical performance of Citizen James, or the Young Man Without a Country. Written by Assistant Professor Kyle Bass, Citizen James is a powerful one-man show that introduces us to 24-year-old James Baldwin at a critical moment in his life. Parents and family members are welcome to join this virtual event! A viewing link will be sent directly to the ALANA Cultural Center and Department of Theater's mailing lists. To watch the streaming April 8-21, contact


Final Thoughts

10 Ways to Reduce End-of-Semester Stress

Runner going up stairs

Parents and family members can be a lifeline of support and encouragement during the final weeks of an unbelievably challenging year. Collegiate Parents’ article “10 Ways to Reduce End-of-Semester Stress — Reminders for Your Student” offers great tips you can share with your students to help them stay healthy, organized, and balanced.


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