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Public health

The thaw in the weather nationally has revealed final results from our COVID-19 testing backlog, with one student testing positive, resulting in 15 close contacts. It’s a significant number, though not surprising given the delay. As we know, it takes a few days for the virus to spread. So, next week, the Health Analytics Team will want to see results from March 1 tests before making a recommendation on moving to Gate 3.

In Gate 3, we will test 25 percent of the on-campus community every week. This plan was set prior to the start of the semester. Should metrics require a return to Gate 2, our testing protocol will revert back to 50% of campus.

Want to keep tabs on the campus Colgate Together digest? Messages sent to the campus community are posted on the Colgate Together website Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m. EDT.

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Updates From Campus

Dedicated classroom and study spaces are available for students looking to collaborate on work and study (face coverings and physical distancing are required within these spaces). Learn more about work/study spaces.

Physical Education course registration is at an all-time high, with 600 students participating in either Zoom, self-paced, or in-person classes this semester. Course offerings instruct on one or more of the eight Dimensions of Wellness. Check out the Gate Fitness schedule.

Club Sports began practices last week, in groups of 10 or fewer with supervision from a student first responder or trained intramural official. Clubs like volleyball, men’s and women’s hockey, figure skating, and more have all begun training. Learn more about intramural sports at Colgate.

student buying BBQ in the dining hall

The Colgate Inn, FoJo Beans, Ray Brothers BBQ, and Royal India Grill are all back on campus this spring. Students on the premier meal plan can use the four coupons sent to their mailbox at these venues — they are valid until the end of the month. Colgate also added $100 in Flex Dollars for premier meal plan holders to use at these new locations, and students with other meal plans may use up to half of their flex dollars. Credit or debit cards are also accepted. See dining hours and locations.

Professors Andy Pattison and Chris Henke and Colgate Director of Sustainability John Pumilio joined with village and town officials in 2016 to work on what would eventually become Hamilton’s Climate Smart Communities program — a NYS interagency program to help communities reduce their carbon footprint while helping them to prepare for the worst impacts of climate change. They documented their efforts as a way to explore how other rural communities might benefit from a similar town/gown collaboration. The result of that work is now published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Read more.

Keelah Dixon

Keelah Dixon ’21 is one of five Colgate representatives to the new Patriot League Anti-Racism Commission, which formed last July to examine areas in which systemic racism is occurring within the Patriot League. The group seeks practical solutions for long-term change. Read the story.



Gloria BorgerA Conversation With Gloria Borger ’74, H’14, P’10 and President Brian W. Casey

March 13, 2021 (Rescheduled)
1:00 p.m. EDT

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger will speak with President Brian W. Casey about her time at Colgate as part of the first coeducation class to graduate from Colgate and her illustrious career in journalism.





Final Thoughts


Is Your Student Ready for a Weather-Related Emergency?

Last week’s extreme winter weather and widespread power outages affected people all over the United States. Although we’re pretty seasoned and well-equipped up here in Central New York when it comes to harsh weather, emergencies have been known to happen in Hamilton. It’s a good idea for students to be prepared for weather emergencies, whether they live on campus or off.

Collegiate Parent’s article “Help Your Student Be Ready for a Weather-Related Emergency” provides a list of supplies and great tips you can share with them to make sure they're ready for an emergency — especially if that emergency means a loss of power.


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